30 September 2013
Balkema full length papers deadline


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It is the tradition of CMM to honor the best paper presented by a young participant. The Scientific Committee decided that starting with CMM 2011 this award will be associated with the name of Professor Jan Szmelter, who pioneered the Finite Element Method in Poland. The winners of the Jan Szmelter Award will be announced on 31 August 2013 during the closing ceremony.

The rules of the competition for the J. Szmelter Award granted
for the best research paper presented by a young author during
the 20th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM 2013).

  1. Any participant of the Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics 2013 is eligible for the J. Szmelter Award if he/she fulfils the following requirements:
    • is up to the age of 30;
    • is an author or a co-author of a paper presented during the conference;
    • has presented the paper by himself/ herself and has been active in a discussion on the presented paper.
  2. The criteria of selecting the best paper:
    • the originality of problem formulation and of the theoretical/numerical techniques used will be of primary importance;
    • the way of presentation and the author's participation in discussion will be taken into account during evaluation.
  3. The Scientific Committee appoints the Jury of the competition. Decisions of the Jury are made by the simple majority of votes. Voting on procedural matters is public. Voting on the best paper(s) is secret.
  4. The papers shall be nominated by the members of the Scientific Committee as well as by the members of the International Advisory Board. These papers cannot be co-authored by the members of Jury.
  5. The Jury may award two papers an equivalent prize or may not award any paper at all.
  6. The decisions of the Jury will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference.